Little Portion Bakery's "Signature Sampler"

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Little Portion Bakery's "Signature" Products in one delicious, affordable bundle!

Separately these items sell for $43!  You save $8.00!

Included are one package of each:

- Viola's Granola: An absolutely delicious granola! Put a little heavenly spring in your step each morning with this wholesome, lightly sweet but totally delicious granola.  Perfect for breakfast with your choice of milk, as a healthy snack or topping your favorite ice cream or yogurt!  One pound package.

- St. Clare's Heavenly Breakfast Cookies: Our breakfast cookies will give you the positive energy you need throughout the day.  Made with all-natural ingredients, each cookie is a half cup of cookie dough, but since these cookies are truly homemade, don't expect a factory-made look to THESE cookies!

- St. Anthony Hermit Bars: Ten out of ten hermits agree! Our delicious, moist and chewy Hermit Bars are made with black-strap molasses, raisins and pecans.  A delicious treat as a snack during the day or a pick me up after a long hour of prayer, you will agree that our bars will be the best molasses bars you have eaten!  Each 10 ounce package contains 5 bars.

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